Building resilient Communities


Welcome to Hamlinks GCDI

Hamlinks Global Community Development Initiative (HGCDI) is an incorporated non-profit entity, registered in 2016 with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria with registration No. CAC/IT/NO 86091. We are dedicated to promoting economic, social, and environmental responsibility, and development strategies with specific focus on African communities. In our dealings, we strive to build sustainable communities where current community resources are utilized to meet current needs, while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.

Aims and Objectives

  • Promotion of socially responsible behaviour amongst all peoples, organizations and companies.
  • Promotion of charitable attitudes among peoples, organizations and companies.
  • Encouragement, promotion of sustainability reporting in nations.
  • Provision of social responsibility awareness programs at all levels of the society.
  • Conducting of social research to enhance policy making on sustainable development in nations.



Our transformational leadership development programs and lectures, offered through our Christian Leadership Development Institute are designed to educate, motivate, and stimulate organizations and individuals about the fundamental trends and concepts that will propel the society to new heights. We provide customized contents for corporate conferences, tours, strategy sessions, team meetings, and other events. One important feature of our training is that it allows students to acquire leadership strategies in a Christian and the normative format; where their knowledge of world concepts is linked to Biblical principles and their developmental concept is founded on Christian values. Students will have the ability to transform, shape, and influence those with whom they collaborate, teach, and lead.

Our Other Services

Is your organization attempting to incorporate sustainable and regenerative development strategies into its programs? This is certainly helpful!

Don’t be intimidated by the presumption that you must accomplish the impossible before developing and sustaining a healthy organization. Remember that potential partners, employees and customers place a premium on an organization’s ethical credentials. Hamlinks GCDI can help you with consultancy services in the following strategic areas:


Community Investment Program Assessment & Benchmarking

Benchmarking enables you to understand how your organization compares to competitors and peers. It allows you to comprehend what CSR & ESR best practice are, and how they look like, and how can you can attend their achievement. Our customized benchmarking studies can help you identify new opportunities, and set new performance targets for your organization


Identifying Community Needs & Resources Through Research

A community assessment helps to uncover not only needs and resources of a community, but also the underlying history, culture, social structure, strength, and conflicts. This will help you understand how to address community needs and utilize resources to satisfy community needs. It will help you make decisions about priorities for your CSR & ESR programs and how you can enable community members learn how to use their own resources to solve problems and improve community livelihood.


Identification of Vision, Aim & Objectives of CSR & ESR Initiatives

We work with organization Management and Chief Executives to review or even develop strategic CSR & ESR action plans that align with their organizations’ mission and vision. We then design and provide training programs to ensure that the action plans are implemented effectively and sustainably. Depending on the organization’s needs, the whole program can include field mentoring components and multiple training sessions


Measurement & Communication Of CSR & ESR Impacts

Employing current GRI, UNGC ISO Frameworks, we measure the impacts of organizations’ CSR & ESR programs on communities and provide feedback to you based on the effects of the programs on livelihoods.


Developing & Implementing Bespoke CSR & ESR Strategies

We can work with your organization to design and implement bespoke, in-house CSR and ESR training programs, seminars, and workshops that are tailored to your organization’s specific needs. These can be delivered at work place, corporate retreats and events, or other locations as desired


Production of Annual CSR & ESR Reports

A CSR and ESR report provides your organization with information about the economic, environmental, and social impacts of its day-to-day activities on society, whether they are positive or negative. The report outlines the organization’s core values and governance model, as well as the connection between its CSR and ESR strategies and its commitment to a sustainable global economy. We can assist your organization in developing and publishing these reports using an appropriate sustainability model.