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Hamlinks Global Community Development Initiative What’s In Our Name

The term “Hamlets” from which our name is derived, refers to rustic geographical settlements located outside of cities and towns and often with fewer population. Usually found around a single source of economic or cultural activity such as farm, river, mines, shrine, mountain or a company that employs its working population, hamlets are not incorporated into National and State Government plans, but are left in the hands of the Local Governments which do not care much about them. In most cases, hamlets lack social amenities such as roads, hospitals, electricity, and telecommunications. Their addresses are often with hamlet’s name and because they have not been recognized, they depend on the town that contains them for political and economic benefits.

These are the kinds of the communities that we seek to represent. We aim to bridge the gap between wealthy and impoverished communities.

Our Mission

HAMLINKS GCDI seeks to improve the economic, social, and environmental conditions of African rural communities by employing creative and innovative modern strategies. By presenting accurate and compelling portraits of rural lives and cultures, we hope to increase public awareness and foster an environment conducive to positive change in African rural communities. We also create and implement public awareness campaigns to educate the public about the problems and opportunities that exist in modern African rural communities. We work with the academics and the media to assist in the coverage of rural African topics. We also collaborate with a wide range of partners to strengthen the voice of rural African communities. We believe that the fortunes of rural African communities are identical to those of urban Africans. Building stronger rural communities will help the continent as a whole.

Our Vision

To become a leading online support group for rural African communities. Leading with honesty, friendliness, initiative, and creativity.

Core Values




our institution


We believe that Biblical principles and our society’s sustainable development are closely linked. Our goal is to promote collaboration through integrated approaches to addressing global economic, social, and environmental challenges by providing Christian education to help the public and private sectors, civil society organisations, religious organisations, and other national and international agencies solve development problems. The objective is to close development gaps!